January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016
The scrapping and rubbing sound reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe. I don’t suppose most people read much anymore. Too much video; too must stimuli. I don’t begrudge that. I do it too. Read headlines and watch TV.
The background noise, however, is like the beating heart—for those who have read Poe.
It’s my foot, grinding against the other. It’s the sound of blisters in the making. I cannot stop. Grrr. Grrrr. The feet keep moving.
I can sleep, sometimes. But I always wake up sick. Sick, sick, sick. Vomiting every morning sucks. Painful.
I make it to doctors’ appointments. I do the tests. But this body is failing. I think I will miss it, and yet, I’m not afraid to move on.
As much pain as I endure—day after day for over two and a half years—I think of those who endure more than I do. I pray for you all. I think of you, migrants, homeless veterans, people in pain. Please know I pray for you.
For those who purport to be “Christians” and do not follow the true teachings of the Christian religion, I would just ask you: What Would Jesus Do? He would give his coat and cloak to refugees. He would offer love, not judgment.
And likewise, those who purport to be Buddhists would offer love and comfort.
There is NO excuse for war or harm. I guess no one knows that more than a person who is dying.
We have too many enemies: cancer, disease, natural disasters.
Please, people. Come together. Right now.
Many of us life a privileged life. And that is wonderful. But cannot we make more of an effort to take care of those who don’t?
I hear the scrubbing and scratching of my feet. I feel the pain in my body. And yet, I will continue to give. It’s all I have left.
Sending Love.



  1. And you are not alone in this. Please know, and I know you do, that all of us will always love, support, and pray with you and for you. You have, as you have shown the past 2 1/2 years, an inner fire and willingness to live and give, to yourself and others . What we all have to remember is that LOVE has the power to free us from the weight and pain of life. And you definitely have that and more coming your way. Always

  2. I wrote one comment although I do not see it here. Gotta say again that you are not alone. There are so many “out here” who know and love you. We are all sharing our prayers and if we could we would share your pain. In one sense we do actually share that too. Anyone who spends time with you can, by just looking into your eyes, share what you are going through. Inadequate as we are to take it from you….we feel it. We will continue to give to you as you unfailing give to us. Prayers,hopes,and dreams remain alive. Always

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